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Summit Sisters + Frontier = Trail Wonders!

Summit Sisters was founded amongst the peaks of the tallest mountains in Victoria when two girlfriends combined their love of being out on the trails with doing yoga. Margaretha – known as Gretel by all her friends – and Jo would reach the summit of a mountain and celebrate by saluting the rising sun, before running back down again towards a well-deserved coffee. They wanted to share this exhilaration for life, their knowledge of being in the outdoors, and their passion for wellness and adventure with other women. With this spark, they decided to form a small company dedicated to strengthening a community of women that could confidently fulfil their dreams.

Today, Summit Sisters has grown into a community of women who get outdoors together to enjoy trail running, yoga, personal training and retreats; all mixed in with a good dose of tasty and nutritious food! By having a women-only community and engaging with the natural beauty of the outdoors; Summit Sisters aims to nurture self-belief, encourage adventure and empower women to discover their true capabilities.

For The Individual;

Affordable annual membership gives access to exclusive events, discounted events, discounted merchandise from Summit Sisters partners (of which Frontier are one!) and much more. Contact the Summit Sisters here for more information:

Summit Sisters Website

For The Team;

Summit Sisters also offer Group Adventures, Special Events and Corporate Events. For information on this, take a look at:

Summit Sisters Corporate Information