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Attache 3D M38ASL



The original mini-HMS carabiner has been redesigned to be ultralight. Through a series of scientific calculations the ATTACHE 3D has been reduced to a mere 55 g by removing all unnecessary material while maximizing strength. The 3D shape keeps the original ATTACHE versatility while reducing weight. The rope-bearing surfaces have been optimized to balance fluidity with a minimum of excess weight. Overall the ATTACH 3D combines the versatility of a mini-HMS carabiner in a compact, light frame for fast and light adventures.
D frame is 31 % lighter and 15 % thinner Gru-V locking sleeve offers better grip Fluid gate design (Petzl patent) reduces the chance of slings or webbing catching on the gate or locking sleeve Keylock system offers ease of use with webbing and slings Available in SCREW-LOCK system only (with red lock indicator)
Material(s) : aluminum 7075 Certification(s) : CE EN 362, CE EN 12275 type H, UIAA 121 Reference(s):M38 SL Weight: 55 g Locking system: SCREW-LOCK Major axis strength: 22 kN Open gate strength: 6 kN Minor axis strength: 7 kN Gate opening: 22 mm Made in: FR Guarantee: 3 years

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