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Pro-Series Buff® Fighting Work gloves are our toughest water-sport protection ever. These gloves offer UV blocking, plus a padded pole grip. When Mother Nature throws her worst at you, you'll be ready to deliver a knock-out punch.
Thanks to its special Coolmax Extreme fabric, this product evaporates perspiration quickly allowing moisture to pass through while offering 95% protection from UV rays. It is the perfect garment for any outdoor activity under the sun.
  •  An amazing stitch-free, seamless accessory 
  •  Thermal, offering protection from the wind, sun and humidity in both cold and hot weather 
  •  Highly breathable, absorbs sweat, dries fast and provides more than 95% UV protection 
  •  The perfect travel accessory for all environments 
  •  Comfortable and versatile: 12+ ways to wear!
  •  Colourfast and machine washable 
  •  One size fits most adults

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