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Geshido SC

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The Geshido is the ultimate high performance shoe for high level climbing in all terrains.

Whether it's technical face climbing, steep power climbing or jamming in thin cracks, this shoe will take it on. It's built on EVOLV's  newest last that features a slight down turned toe that gives the climber a high level of performance and versatility on any terrain.
Leather upper that molds to the foot and toe area and synthetic nubuck lace frame that gives the shoe solid lateral structure and durability. - Concave plastic midsole reduces dead space under the toes and disperses energy to your toes for edging power and control.
  •  Asymmetric downturned (MK-1 last) 
  • Leather LINING: Cotton heel, leather foot bed, nylon forefoot 
  • Lace SOLE: 4.2 mm 
  • TRAX High Friction Rubber 
  •  VTR3D variable thickness 
  • MX-P: 1 mm half-length 
  • 9.5 oz (1/2 pair Men's size 9)

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