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Glacier SS Minimalist



  • Ultimate ultralight design integrates everything you need for hot meals and warm drinks in an impossibly small footprint.
  • Ingenious, miniature silicone pot gripper attaches magnetically to fuel canister while cooking so it’s always at hand.
  • Telescoping foon strikes a perfect balance between spoon and fork and compacts to 3.875 long
  • Compact 0.6 L Pot and lid boil water for pouch meals before transforming into an insulated mug by inverting the lid and slipping the pot into its insulating sleeve
  • Integrated nesting for ultralight stoves and fuel canisters (110 g).
  • Lid/Sip-It top
  • Telescoping Foon
  • Pot Gripper
  • 0.6 L Pot / Mug
  • Insulating Sleeve
  • WEIGHT: 7.6 oz.
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.10" x 4.10" x 4.70"
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Nylon 6-6, Silicone

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