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GoZero Active Bottle w/ Adventure Filter




GO Pure, GO Hydrated, GO Outdoors!

GoZero Adventure filter gives you assured water by removing up to 99.9%* waterborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses and cyst. It also reduces particulates, chemicals and heavy metals, as well as improving the taste and clarity.
Safe drinking water, anywhere, anytime
  • Powered by innovative electro-adsorptive filter media, the Adventure filter removes up to 99.9%* of waterborne pathogens from the water, so that you have access to safe drinking water anywhere, anytime**. It also reduces particulates, chemicals and heavy metals. Simply fill the bottle, squeeze and drink!
  • The bottle comes with a dust-proof cap, so that the mouthpiece stays clean.
  • The leak-proof design ensures that the water doesn't spill inside your bag.
General specifications:
  • Bottle capacity (excl. filter): 590ml/20oz
  • Bottle material: BPA-free LDPE
  • Filter quantity: 1-pack
  • Filter lifetime: 1 month
  • Replacement filter cartridge
    • Fitness filter AWP286/AWP287
    • Adventure filter AWP294/AWP295
Input water conditions:
Adventure filter AWP294/AWP295
  • Visually clear water
  • 5-38 degrees Celsius
  • Never use to filter seawater
Fitness filter AWP286/AWP287
  • Municipal tap water
  • 5-38 degrees Celsius

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