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Building on a revolutionary concept from legendary gear designer, Greg Lowe, Link Cams operate on a simple concept of trisecting a cam lobe so that, as the device is retracted, the cam unfolds and permits an amazing range for a unit of its size.

Utilizing a reliable, single-axle design and with a camming ratio of over 2.5:1, Link Cams provide more range per size than any other spring-loaded camming device available!

Extended range means you can leave the ground with fewer pieces on your rack; no more doubling up on pieces you think you "might" need if you're unsure where, exactly, you'll need doubles of one particular piece. Likewise, for backcountry climbers, it means packing in less gear. And as a "crux piece" you need RIGHT NOW, Link Cam's large range increases your odds of picking the right size the first time you go to your rack.

Mechanically-speaking, Link Cams are as innovative as the concept behind their design. Built with a hybrid blend of materials and advanced MIM process, Link Cams are the most sophisticated and modern camming devices in the world. The two, inner links on each lobe unit are built by a modern process known as Metal-Injection-Molding which permits us to create detailed, precision pieces—like casting—with increased strength and are made from 17-4 aircraft stainless steel. The outer link is machined from 7000-series aluminum alloy

Although Link Cams aren't necessarily more difficult to place than other cams, they do require careful consideration to avoid damaging them or compromising the placement. Link Cams should be placed carefully and deliberately, with a critical eye and the ability to assess a proper, solid placement. If climbers aren't experienced at assessing nuances of placements, instruction should be sought before using Link Cams.

Part #
Description Range mm / inch
Weight grams / ounces
Length mm / inch
Width mm / inch

Link Cam #.5, 13.5 - 35.0 / .53 - 1.38, 8kN, 95 / 3.35, 164 / 6.47, 46 / 1.81

Link Cam #.75, 17.8 - 44.5 / .70 - 1.75, 10kN, 113 / 4.0, 169.8 / 6.68, 48.8 / 1.92

Link Cam #1, 21.1 - 53.3 / .83 - 2.10, 14kN, 176 / 6.2, 171 / 6.75, 63 / 2.48

Link Cam #2, 25.4 - 64 / .96 - 2.51, 14kN, 207 / 7.3, 191 / 7.51, 63 / 2.48

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