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Personal Bluebird



The Personal towel is the best-selling quick-drying towel on the market, and with good reason. Its ultra-versatile, absorbent, and superfast-drying performance make it great for any activity, including water sports, fitness, travel and camping. Plus, it’s available in a number of colors—and in sets of two—so it’s easy to make a personal statement with the Personal towel. 

NEW—Sets, Save 20% or more: Now available, sets of 2 towels in two different practical combinations of our most popular colors and sizes: 
 -Set 1 includes one each of a face towel in Citrus, and a body towel in Indigo
 -Set 2 includes two body towels, 1 in Indigo and 1 in Citrus
  • Soft fabric: Microfiber fabric feels soft and smooth against skin. 
  • 4x Absorbency: Absorbent fabric soaks up 4 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily. 
  • Superfast-drying: Dries nearly 70% faster than cotton. 
  • Fresh: Odor control treatment helps keep towel fresh. 
  • Hang loop for easy drying; individual towels (not sets) come with a zippered storage pouch for easy packing. 
  • Machine washable
Colour  Berry, Citrus, Eclipse, Indigo, Bluebird 
Weight 0.7 oz / 20 g  Width 10 in / 25 cm  Length 14 in / 35 cm 

Colour  Berry, Citrus, Eclipse, Indigo, Bluebird 
Weight 2.9 oz / 82 g  Width 16.5 in / 42 cm Length 36 in / 92 cm 

Colour  Berry, Citrus, Eclipse, Indigo, Bluebird, Citrus/Indigo 
Weight 6.4 oz / 181 g  Width 25 in / 64 cm  Length 54 in / 137 cm 

Colour Berry, Citrus, Eclipse, Indigo, Bluebird 
Weight 9.7 oz / 275 g  Width 36 in / 91 cm  Length 59 in / 150 cm 

Colour  Citrus/Indigo 

Country of Origin Made in Korea

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