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UltraLight Insul Mat


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The Ultralight sleeping mat range has a single layer of medium resolution Air Sprung Cells™ to give you the lightest and smallest packed-volume mat without compromising comfort. To add warmth, we use Exkin® Platinum, a quiet non-woven fabric that reflects radiant heat loss back to the user and Thermolite® insulation to prevent convective heat loss between your body and the ground. All Sea to Summit sleeping mats come with a quality stuff sack, a repair kit containing six self adhesive patches for repairing punctures in the field, and a spare silicone one-way valve flap.

R Value: 3.3
  • Exkin Platinum® fabric and Thermolite® insulation are combined to prevent radiant and convective heat loss 
  • Multi-function valve for easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning of air pressure 
  • 40D rip-stop nylon face fabric offers the right balance between weight and durability 
  • Our TPU lamination process - one used in the medical and aeronautical industries but unique to the outdoor industry - is vastly superior to the roll-to-roll lamination process that is commonly used in outdoor products at present. The TPU bonds better and more consistently, virtually eliminating delamination issues. 
  • Extended storage instructions: mat should be laid flat, folded as few times as possible with valve open
  • S M A L L
    • length x width: 168 x 55cm
    • rolled size: ø10 x 23cm
    • weight: 430g
    • no. Air Sprung Cells: 174
  • R E G U L A R
    • length x width: 183 x 55cm
    • rolled size: ø10 x 23cm
    • weight: 480g
    • no. Air Sprung Cells: 181
  • L A R G E
    • length x width: 198 x 64cm
    • rolled size: ø10 x 26cm
    • weight: 595g
    • no. Air Sprung Cells: 225

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