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At less than two pounds and sized for our chairs, Table One has integrated mesh cup holders and a stable surface area for a plate of food or game of cards.
LIGHT & STRONG Table One's frame is built with ultra-lightweight and exceptionally strong DAC aluminum alloy poles. This advanced pole technology was developed for expedition-level backpacking tents and is trusted and relied on by the world’s most discerning adventurers. Helinox is the only furniture brand to use DAC aluminum alloy poles. Hubs and joining components are molded using a high-strength nylon resin that’s carefully engineered to achieve precise, solid, secure pole attachments. / SECURE CONNECTIONS A tabletop needs to be secure. Our clip system pulls the top taught, creating a platform that’s level and supportive. Easy to deploy – just attach the clip to the frame – it’s strong, holds tight, and has a streamlined design that lies flat and out of the way. / GO-ANYWHERE TABLE The result of use-focused design – and repeated testing and trial – we’ve created a packable table that provide a level surface and superior support. Winner of awards for design and innovation, our Table One delivers performance with an elegant aesthetic.
Length 23.5 in / 60 cm 16 in / 41 cm Width 15.5 in / 40 cm 4 in / 11 cm Height 15 in / 39 cm 4 in / 11 cm Weight 1 lbs. 6 oz. 625 g 1 lbs. 8 oz. / 690 g Capacity 110 lbs. / 50 kg Warranty 5 years

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