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The UNIVERSO is a complete and lightweight belay system that is particularly comfortable and efficient to use on all rope diameters. This system consists of a VERSO belay device, an ATTACHE 3D carabiner and an exclusive sliding connection piece.
• Exclusive connection piece allows the VERSO belay device to remain in position and the ATTACHE 3D carabiner to work along its major axis 
• Connection piece also limits the risk of dropping the belay device during rope maneuvers 
• Easy and quick installation on the rope
• Reduced risk of being burnt by the belay device when removing it from the rope
• System is easily reversed (right/left) 
• A single device for all rope types: - effective braking on half and twin ropes ? 7.5 mm - effective braking on single ropes ? 8.9 mm 
• V-shaped friction channels: - increased friction on thin ropes - friction is adapted for larger diameter ropes
 • Asymmetrically grooved sidewalls: - increased braking power during a leader or top rope fall or while rappelling - rope smoothly slides through device when taking up slack
• Rope friendly, facilitates belay and rope handling: - does not twist the rope - separates the two strands of rope when belaying and rappellin
  • 3-year guarantee 
  • Weight: 120 g
  •  Materials: aluminum carabiner and belay device, plastic connection piece 
  •  Available in two colors: - titanium (D18 VT) - red (D18 VR) For use on: - single ropes ? 8.9 mm - half ropes ? 8 mm - twin ropes ? 7.5 mm

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