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Gerber US1 - The Little Knife that Could

Posted on April 27 2020

The Gerber US1 is often dismissed because of its small size and hefty price tag, but when you look beyond the surface, you realise that it provides exceptional performance and value for its class. A point well proven by the US1 is that not all knives are created equal. Unlike many of the other knives in the small utility category, the US1's 2.6" blade is forged from American 420HC steel which is arguably one of the best blade steels available.

Compared to the cheaper Korean steel which is found on most small utility knives, 420HC holds a sharper edge for much longer. This feature is especially relevant for utility blades, which are expected to hold up to the brunt of every day life.The US1 is thin and lightweight, allowing it to be easily stowed in a tool belt, backpack or pocket, yet it has a large enough blade to still be incredibly versatile across many use-cases. 

When buying a new blade, it is important to understand where the value lies. Sure, a fancy carved wood-handled knife would be cool... but is the integrity of the blade being compromised to bring the price down? 

The Gerber US1 is a simple, no frills everyday utility knife that places the value in the most important component, the blade. Its razor sharp edge and compact design are sure to help you in a pinch around the house, on the job or out on the trail.