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About us


  • A place for you
  • A place where your past experiences meet with your future Adventures
  • A place about no boundaries nor limits

    Something which challenges you, brings insight into our lives, connects us to each other and our planet as a whole.

    The Frontier is the culmination of a combined 50 years of outdoor experience to bring you something to help fulfil your new adventure.

    Do you remember your first trip overseas? The first time you went climbing? The first time you had an epic out? Yes? Well of course you do… why… because it changed you!

    Next time you’re standing at a cross roads, next time you’re about to delve into the depths of your next canyon, that nervous point of no-return as you board that plane… that’s your Frontier. Your experience… your never ending adventure….

    Frontier… Adventure at its Core


    All energy used at our Crow’s Nest site is 100% accredited GreenPower. For more information on the governments initiatives to help contribute to a better planet check out;