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Arr.... the dark world of warranties?

It would be nice to say that problems don't happen... but you know "stuff happens" so there is a chance that an item which you purchased from us... well doesn't work.

The Outdoor industry is renown for it's quality control and standard of manufacturing... kind of helps when you are out there doing it... but statistically speaking the rate of return for most brands is less then 1%. Not bad really.

But, if something does go wrong we need to check a couple of things before we can get things sorted for you. 

- Appropriate use... what's that? It's all about using the piece of gear for the application, or end purchase, that it has been designed for. 

- Fair wear and tear... yes it does matter... NOTHING can last for ever... my knees are a good example of that... but anyway I digress... yes things do wear out... leather breaks down, plasticisers are given off from rubber product, nylons degrade with UV. Unless you live in an oxygen bubble... imagine that... weird ha..... things do breakdown. 

- Manufacturer's warranty... they are the guy's that ultimately need to make the call. They design the gear, they build the gear, we sell the gear and you break the gear. It's a symbiotic relationship. 

Sometimes, and it's hard to say this, but maybe it's just time to let your old gear go. That 10 year old pair of boots... which although likely have given you great service, 2 resole, are broken in and more bunyin than your foot is... sometimes it just doesn't make sense to repair / fix / resole them anymore. Let them go... let them move towards the light... let them be free!

Moreover... bring in your old pair of boots when it's time for retirement. We'll give you a 20% discount on your new selection... and we'll dispose of your oldies. Why? We think of it as marriage counselling... sometimes you need someone else to help you let go.

To be deemed a "warranty" then one of the below generally needs to happen:

- A manufacturing defect... that means it comes off the production line with something wrong in it from day one... it may not show up straight away but it should be self evident in time.

Under the ACCC it's "Repair or replace" under the suppliers discretion. 

So... that all said, if you feel that you satisfy the above fill out this form. Print it out and either return it in person or post it back to us. We'll take things from there.

Sometimes that symbiotic relationship we spoke about earlier takes some time to get things worked out... so please allow 2-4 weeks. These guys's are professionals so their view of a warranty often taken in a bunch of factories, considerations and information we may not know about. So if you have anything which will ad value to the rich tapestry of your warranty assessment then please do include it on your form?

Need it quick? Well ring us... or start your planning for your next trip earlier!

Some other quick heads up:

- Zippers are not covered under warranty... no mechanical items are. Buckels, eyelets on boots all fall into this happy category

- If you don't care for your gear... you're basically sealing its pre-mature fate. What? Well if you leave soil on your boots...then maybe the lime in the local soil degrades both the leather and rubber components in your boot...  leathers like natural skin... but just not living. So unless you want footwear which looks like the walking dead it's a good item to help it out with a little rejuvenation. Were not talking about a day spa here... just a bit of treatment and TLC. Love thy boots and thy shall love you in return. Long time.

- Mechanical cut's, abrasion and tears... well that's life! Things do get cut up when you're out-n-bout...but it's unlikely to be considered "manufacturing defect".

As a guide you can expect as the "life time" of a product:
- 2 year manufacture warranty for Boots / Footwear
- 2 years for insulations, body layers
- 4 years for shellware
- 2 years for backpacks and sleeping bags
- 2 years for tents

Condition of Warranties upon Return:

Due to OH and S requirements it’s impossible to accept back product which is dirty, soiled or generally just filthy. Put it this way... if you were not prepared to clean it... why should we? If we deem that your item is not in a suitable condition for our staff to access it... well it’ll be going back to you. Sorry for being so hard nosed about this but man some of those things get filthy!