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Sierra Designs – A new way to sleep

Posted on June 01 2023

A sleeping bag is just a sleeping bag..…right? Sierra Designs seems to think differently.
Whether you’re car camping, out on the trail, or backcountry skiing, a sleeping bag is a piece of kit that is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep. For many people, myself included, it is assumed that you’ll never achieve the same level of comfort in a sleeping bag as you would on your warm, luxurious memory foam mattress at home. For a long time this assumption was true. 
Sure sleeping bags have evolved, getting lighter and warmer over the years, but the general shape and form of the sleeping bag has remained unchanged. Unchanged to the point where this shape has become synonymous with the idea of camping and the outdoors.
Along came Sierra Designs…Born in California, and bred on the trail, Sierra Designs has been developing products for the outdoors since 1965. Sierra Designs products stem from a love of beautiful products, but are also functional, and most importantly, attainable. 
From their patented Self Sealing foot vent to their revolutionary zipper-less bag design (yes, ZIPPER-LESS!), Sierra designs has shifted the way I think about sleeping bags forever.
The Self Sealing foot vent is designed to allow the venting of the feet, without compromising the warmth of your upper body…Genius! It is basically the same as sticking your feet out from under your blanket. Bags such as the Backcountry Bed feature what is essentially a fitted sheet for your sleeping pad, providing structure to your bag, and stoping restless sleepers like myself from sliding off. I am a side sleeper, and all too often I wake in the middle of the night in discomfort because somehow, my body had rolled over and decided to sleep directly on the zipper. Well this can’t happen if your bag doesn’t have zips, like the Sierra Designs Cloud!

Thanks to Sierra Designs the idea of a night’s sleep on the trail equivalent to, or perhaps better than, one at home is now within reach.


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