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Freesole Shoe Repair 28g

Tough and permanent solution for repairing boots. Heel coming off your trekking boots? Looking to create a more durable toe-cap for your next expedition? Freesole is the final word in repairing your expensive trekking boots.
Freesole is made from the same urethane material as many shoe soles, making it perfect for re-building heels, re-attaching soles that are peeling off, or to create a tough but flexible toe-cap to prevent damage when taking your boots to extreme ends of the earth. Freesole cures to a permanent and flexible rubber, and does not shrink once applied. Freesole is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair. Works on all types of footwear, including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, rollerblades, and more. But seriously - who has worn rollerblades since 1985?
Available in 28gram tube.

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