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Silnet 42.5g



Silicone is great. Cupcake trays,trekking tent flys, and Hollywood movie stars are all made from it - but it is really hard to seal fabric seams without a specialised urethane.

Did you know that Sil-Nylon tents are not seam-sealed at the factory? SilNet is a must-have for any silicone treated outdoor materials, and will apply in minutes and last for many seasons of use/abuse in the outdoors.

Specially formulated for sealing seams on tents and other outdoor products constructed or coated with silicone, such as silicone treated nylon. Silnet may also be used as an in-field repair material for moderate rips, tears and areas of abrasion. Available in 42.5gram tube.
  • Seals seams in one application 
  • cured urethane is not affected by very hot or very cold temperatures.
  • One tube seals all the critical seams on a 2-person tent

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