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Helix Backcountry Rechargeable


Princeton Tec


It sure is nice to bring along a few creature comforts even when you're headed way out there. Helix Backcountry Rechargeable adds a rechargeable battery to Princeton Tec's smallest Helix Lantern. The micro-USB port on the bottom of the lantern allows for recharging. This lightweight lantern puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes - perfect for around camp or in your tent. Helix Backcountry Rechargeable has a unique control surface that is free of buttons, yet gives access to a 150 lumen white mode, dimmable to 30 lumens, as well as a dimmable red mode for low profile use. The expanding globe and folding legs help Helix Backcountry Rechargeable to shine over a wide area. The lantern design also incorporates several hanging options.
  • POWER 150 Lumens
  • LAMP White, Red
  • BURN TIME 22 Hours
  • BATTERIES Lithium Rechargeable
  • WEIGHT 155 Grams

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