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Quad-II Black

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The second in our series of Intrinsically Safe headlamps, the Quad® II provides unparalleled design and performance. The Quad® II shares the same basic design principles as the original and proven Quad® but takes it up to a Cl 1 UL Div. 1 rating. The fundamental lighting characteristic of the Quad® provides a vast amount of area light for all purpose needs and performing up-close tasks. The light beam is smooth and wide allowing you to work with your hands without glare or reflection. The housing is constructed to endure all conditions. With its robust walls, superior materials, and waterproof design, the Quad® II is suited for any environment. The Quad® II is powered by 3 AAA batteries allowing for a compact footprint, and includes a rubber strap for hard hat use along with industrial 3M Dual LockTM and a nylon strap for use as a standard headlamp.
POWER 78 Lumens LAMP 4 Ultrabright LEDsl, 4 Ultrabright LEDs BURN TIME 110 Hours BATTERIES 3 AAA Alkaline WEIGHT 96 Grams UL RATING APPROVED Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C & D UL TEMP CODE T4

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