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Ride Ice Axe - 45cm



Ultra-light and very compact, the RIDE ice axe gœs everywhere with you for ski touring or glacier travel, without weighing you down. 

Solid placements thanks to the all-steel head, a pick tapered to 3 mm and a bent shaft.
  • Highly technical: - ice axe with steel head offering the same performance as a classic ice axe - pick tapered to 3 mm at the end for good penetration in ice - curved shaft and machined grip for good handling 
  • Very lightweight: only 240 g 
  • Compact: with only 45 cm and a beveled spike, the axe can be stowed inside the pack: - reduces the risk of injury when the axe is attached to the outside of the pack - can be stowed inside the pack for more discretion and without risk of damaging the pack
  • Weight: 240 g 
  • Pick type: 1 
  • Shaft type: 1 
  • Certification(s): CE, UIAA 
  • Material(s): tempered steel, 7075 aluminum 
  • Compatible with the PICK AND SPIKE PROTECTION protectors and the LINKIN leash

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