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Footware - Euro


The EB Prime is a versatile climbing shoe designed for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Its slightly downturned toe and flexible forefoot provide a balance of comfort and sensitivity, while the supportive midsole and durable 5mm Daytona rubber outsole deliver stability and grip on a variety of surfaces. The Prime is also surprisingly comfortable for an all-around shoe, thanks to its breathable microfiber upper and well-designed fit.

Key Features:

  • Slightly downturned toe for edging and toe-hooking
  • Flexible forefoot for sensitivity on small holds
  • Supportive midsole for stability
  • Durable 5mm Daytona rubber outsole for excellent grip
  • Breathable microfiber upper for comfort

Ideal For:

  • Beginners seeking their first climbing shoe
  • Experienced climbers looking for a versatile all-around shoe
  • Sport climbing, bouldering, and trad climbing
  • Tackling a variety of climbing styles and terrains
  • Size: Euro 35 - 48 fill sizes
  • Weight: 450g (size 40)
  • Sole: Red Rubber 5.5mm
  • Upper: Clean microfiber liner
  • Asymmetry : 3/10
  • Claw : 2/10
  • Comfort : 10/10
  • Interlayer : Complete Flex 4

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