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Elasticated webbing that can connect two technical ice axes to prevent losing them while climbing. 

Compact and lightweight, this webbing offers great elasticity and ergonomic connectors that are easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves.
  • Secures ice axes while climbing: 

- designed for technical ice climbing
- two arms allow the connection of two ice axes, preventing their loss in case the climber releases them while climbing 
  • Ergonomics: 

- the arms are very elastic in order to easily accompany the movements of the climber 
- swivel keeps the two arms from tangling 
- captive connectors are easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves 
- compatible with all Petzl technical ice axes 
  • Compact and lightweight: 

- very thin retractable arms 
- aluminum connectors 
- only 80 g 

This product is not personal protective equipment. 
  • Weight: 80 g 
  • Total retracted length: 46 cm 
  • Total extended length: 106 cm

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